We have recently become stockists of the KUU Konjac sponges which we ordered wholesale through The Make-Up Foundation. 
My aim is to remove all toxins from the household and I was really struggling with finding something I could use and see results for my problematic skin.

I firstly ordered the sponge for acne and problematic skin, I didn't know what to expect. I used it and wasn't sure if it was going to do anything as it didn't lather or feel an instant tightness, (which is what I was used to using chemicals that I normally would), anyway I persisted and the results have been amazing.

My inflammation has disappeared, my pimples have settled down and I confidently recommend the KUU Konjac sponges to everyone I meet!

This has really helped me to eliminate another toxin from my home for myself and my husband and child. I absolutely love it and am so proud to have found another eco product!

Anita Dawson, director and co- founder of Universal Balance - Mind, Body and Soul 


Dear KUU Konjac Sponges,

I am in love with my Konjac sponge! It is the only product I use on my baby. Despite having a baby cupboard FULL to the brim of eco organic and soap free lathers and wash products for my baby, since being given a Konjac sponge I no longer use a single one.

An expensive waste really.

I no longer use soap, essential oils, nut oils, moisturisers, lanolins, nappy rash creams, powders, starches,  or anything at all except a Konjac sponge.

My babies skin feels like silk and looks like porcelain.

Nappy Rash, Dribble Rash, Teething Rash, Pimples, Spots, Cradle Cap, Bites, Food sensitivity rashes....as soon as I spot the smallest breakout of any of these I buff with my wet Konac sponge on the problem area and within a few hours and certainly by the next day the skin outbreak has cleared


The Alkalising ability of the amazing Konjac knocks an acidic skin environment such as Nappy Rash on the head, and I can clear it as quickly as it begins.

I am amazed by this sponge and cannot stop ordering these for friends and family and other people I know with babies.

I left mine at home once while travelling and had to go online to order more to be shipped to where I was staying with relatives, luckily I order several for their babies too.

My husband stole the babies Konjac bath sponge, I found it in his washbag and told him he should be ashamed of himself. He has since obtained his own.

In need of some more sponges ..


Heidi, NSW



For the very quick delivery of a wonderful product.  I ordered three – the plain for my husband and the green French clay/charcoal ones for me as I have oily/spotty skin.  After two days of use I am delighted.

Excellent customer service and will be ordering again when needed.




The recent haze is causing my eczema to flare up.
I can’t sing enough praises of this little sponge. The KUU Konjac Sponge is not abrasive at all. In fact, it is so soft and gentle, which feels really lovely on the skin. 
I’m able to use this daily without worrying about over-scrubbing my skin.


I wouldn't think something so gentle would do such a great job in cleansing the skin.


It’s not drying on the skin, and doesn’t leave the skin feeling tight and dry after cleansing. It can be used on its own or with your cleanser.
But remember just a tiny amount goes a long way as the sponge is able to produce more foam than usual. 

Personally, I prefer to use it without any cleanser on it, cause the sponge can be difficult to clean when it absorbs the cleanser.


After 1 week+ of using the KUU Konjac Sponge, with added French Red Clay, the dry flakiness of my skin is gone.
The small dry eczema-y patches on my face has also lighten.


This KUU Konjac Sponge has became a new staple in my skincare regime...and I am loving it <3

Helen,  Singapore 


Well Kuu Konjac, you’re a rather clever company, aren’t you?

"You’ve designed for us a range of wonderfully exotic Japanese facial sponges, made from the Konjac vegetable plant root and what’s more, you are suitable for just about anyone, including the littlest of people."

"You’re 100% natural which is always a big tick in my books and you’re also multi-purpose. A cleanser and exfoliator in one? That most definitely saves time in the bathroom."

"I’m always up for trying something new and marvellous and this sponge makes for uncomplicated cleansing."

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KUU Konjac Sponge: Better Than My Clarisonic

"It’s so gentle that I’m able to use this daily without worrying about over-scrubbing my skin. In fact, for me, this odd little sponge wins over my Clarisonic, hands down. Big claims from me, you’d say. It’s true".

"I can’t sing enough praises of this lil’ unassuming sponge. Even if I had all the money in the world, I’d forego the Clarisonic and other expensive scrubs in a heartbeat and stock up on this cheapie".



What On Earth is a KUU Konjac Sponge???
"After 4 weeks of daily use the dry flakiness of my skin is completely gone. The dry eczema-y patches on my husband's eye area is also completely gone".

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"They are a soft and squishy consistency which feels really lovely on the skin".

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Anne-Marie Cook