We first discovered the Konjac Sponge at a trade show and were given a konjac         (pronounced Kon-Yak) sponge as we passed by a booth, thinking we were handed a normal synthetic sponge.

On our return our 18 month old daughter Emily, was still suffering from eczema all over her back and the 'natural' products we were using were not removing the eczema, but keeping it under control and not spreading further.

So after unpacking from the show my wife came across the sponge and we read up on it and what we read seemed quite amazing and so we tested it out on Emily every day at bathtime in place of the usual sponges and cloths.

After a few days we noticed her back wasn't so red and thought maybe it is the sponge maybe it isn't. But after a week to ten days the eczema had disappeared altogether!

We then contacted the manufacturer in Korea (who by the way make the purest Konjac Sponges in the world, as they are made from volcanic filtered water and food grade konjac on their world heritage island!) and had them send over some more samples to test.

And we can only say, wow!

The results have been great, and we also gave some to friends and family, all with glowing results. Another friends daughter was also suffering with eczema on her ankles and back of the knees 
and she healed up within about 1-2 weeks with a visit to their gp not long after who commented on her lovely skin!

So we didn't hesitate and ordered in our first shipment into Australia and now we can share this now global product with you guys.

We are sure you will have the same positive experiences as us, just go to the home page and click on 'Review your Skin Type' to see which sponge is you perfect match.

Thanks for taking the time to read About Us.